Balancing market demand with community needs.

More than Buildings
Our mission is to provide a good quality of life to the nation’s most essential workers and learners. We do that by creating vibrant hubs for growth and productivity. Through innovation in real estate, technology and community economics, Liberty Atlantic is crafting sustainable solutions for housing, healthcare, and workforce development, driving generational change and enhancing community vitality.
What sets us apart?

Focus on Customer Service

Our motto is “sales are easy and customers are predictably delighted”. Our goal is to create customer experiences that build phenomenal brand loyalty. We want everyone who interacts with Liberty Atlantic to be genuinely happy to engage with our team and our brand.​

Best-in-Class Products

Our business culture is driven by a commitment to continuous improvement and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We believe everyday offers a new opportunity to get better. We strive to ensure all of our properties reflect this philosophy and commitment. ​

Meaningful Relationships

We prioritize meaningful relationships with our residents, vendors and investors. We focus on developing deep, long-standing partnerships that reach beyond one transaction or deal. We view our company as a living, breathing entity with social responsibility and economic impact.
Our Story
Liberty Atlantic was formed in Charlotte, NC in 2014 by three venerable industry players. We started as an unlimited-licensed General Contractor with a focus on student-housing in the Southeast. Today we are a full-service CRE company with a focus on rental housing and economic development in North Carolina. Our vision is to become the best-in-class provider of “missing-middle” and “affordable” rental housing.
Focus on Innovation
Although our firm is rooted in real estate and economic development, technological innovation is in our DNA. We are always pushing the envelope, developing new paradigms and creating more efficient ways of doing things. We strive to enable our clients and business teams to redefine markets and shape the future of our communities. ​

Driving Productivity with Innovation

Technology is no longer something that supports the business, it is at the core of our business. We believe technology is the key to unlocking productivity across our firm; and is essential to unlocking productivity in the communities that we serve.​

Building Innovation-Based Communities

Liberty Atlantic is an expert in developing and acquiring rental housing communities in and around Innovation Districts, Research Parks, Industrial Estates, University Campuses and other Knowledge-Based Communities.​